Arrivederci Jezza

In 2017, I put a tenner at 16-1 on Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister. I did not win, but it was not immediately apparent that I had lost. In 2019, a friend of mine put a tenner at 20-1 on Jezza to win an outright majority, but the exit poll accurately predicted an historic... Continue Reading →

It Was A Buzz, Cock.

“You can only be young once but you can always be immature.” (Shelley) “You’re only 16 once and tonight you are again!” (Richard Jobby Jobson)   I never did like that dreary ditty, Punk Rock Nostalgia, by Oxy & the Morons. I first heard it a decade later, in 1987, when The Face ran a... Continue Reading →

Calamity Upon the 27th Path

The image of Grenfell Tower ablaze evokes the Tarot card of The Lightning Struck Tower and its association with the 27th path of the Tree of Life, Hod - Netzach. If you are not familiar with the glyph, briefly: the Tree is an energetic map represented by ten (or eleven) spheres, each of which stands... Continue Reading →

Legalise cannabis to save #ourNHS

The most urgent issue in the forthcoming general election is the preservation of our National Health Service. If the NHS is the nearest thing we have in 21st century secular Britain to a National Religion, then Mrs May, the Vicar's daughter, is apostate. Her Governbent is hell bent on carving it up and flogging it... Continue Reading →

Grazing On The ‘Gras

 Asparagus season is go & it's a gusher! One day in the middle of my recent meditation retreat, I was gratified to be offered fat spears of asparagus, seared, cold and dressed with olive oil as one of several side dishes at lunch. I was surprised to see asparagus so early, since the season doesn't... Continue Reading →

Election Torpor

The Prime Minister, having said she would not call an early general election, has done so. Never mind that her predecessor brought in a rule that Parliaments must run for the full five years in order to prevent precisely this kind of cynical opportunism. There is a provision that early elections can be called with... Continue Reading →

My Left Hand

I want it back (stain = beetroot) The sixth anniversaries of my injury and the subsequent amputation of my left hand passed on the meditation mat in the Dhamma Hall at Splatt's House with a photo on the wall before me of the Mahabodhi Temple, near where it occurred in Bodh-Gaya. I got a little... Continue Reading →

Gone Fishin’

Sap's rising, Easter is in the air and I'm going meditating. I don't know what the Universal Credit rules are regarding holiday breaks where one has no internet access, but I'll inform my coach tomorrow that my relentless work search shall temporarily cease. I imagine they will suspend payment which, since UC is worth a... Continue Reading →

A Pair of Phenomenal Women

Let's delve into the recesses of my CV to celebrate two extraordinary women - both now deceased - with whom I had the privilege of being professionally associated.  Image by Celine Marchbank; Tulip documents her mother's demise. Sue Miles died back in 2010, aged 66. Not only did she have lung cancer, apparently, but also... Continue Reading →

Start Working For Free

Freelance writer sites are wrong. My Universal Credit work coach suggested I pitch for writing jobs online, via Fiverr, 'the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs.' The reason they are so lean, I suppose, is because they can't afford to eat. Minimum payment for any job - or 'gig' - is only $5... Continue Reading →

Playing Property Roulette

Pullens, 10.06.86, when voting Labour may have made a difference. Likesay, I own my home. I exercised my right to buy my council flat at the turn of the Millennium, when Blair's government first capped the discount to long term tenants. Word went around our Pullens Buildings, Victorian tenements near the Elephant & Castle, to... Continue Reading →

Not My South Wark

#NotMySouthWark dot guv. I am much better off than most people - never mind most Universal Credit claimants - because I own a flat in Central London. The unseen assessors who administrate UC can't seem to get their heads around it. Three times, I've been asked at the Job Centre about my residential status. Why... Continue Reading →

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