Curried mung

This was a clear-out curry, because I’m going off to sit  Vipassana for ten days tomorrow & needed to use up what I had, which happened to include some half-cracked mung beans. So I found myself making a curry that is straight out of the Vipassana cookbook. I’ve struggled with my equanimity, during past sittings, when confronted with a bland mung bean curry on day six and rued the ruling against offering Natco mango pickle, except on day ten. I didn’t look at the Dhamma Dipa recipe, but suppose it goes pretty much like the one I made up: diced onion, carrot and celery sweated with garlic and seasoned with garam masala and haldi (turmeric). The Indian Ladies (a mystical sisterhood that I have served) would use asafoetida, sooner than garlic. My mung were not uniform. Some were sprouting, but the ones on the bottom hadn’t cracked. Therefore, after adding the beans and covering the mixture with water, I simmered the curry for a good half hour, adding more water as necessary, then left it to stand for another ten mins. over next to no heat. It was OK, served with the end of a bag of basmati & zhushed up with Souna’s Carrot Pickle. If you don’t know Souna’s pickles, its no surprise, since she doesn’t like to advertise but, believe, Souna is one Indian Lady (Southall Chapter).

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