Lashings of Gravy

I’m relaunching my food blog with a new name because someone told me that my name, ‘Russell’, when pronounced as if there’s an ‘h’ instead of the second ‘s’, sounds a bit like the Hindi for ‘more gravy’. I’ve been through big changes over nearly two years since this blog was last active, losing my left hand and my eyesight to cataracts (which are now being fixed) but the concerns of this blog will remain the same, albeit with a new emphasis on how to prepare food with one hand when you can’t see very well.

I’ll be recording my vegetarian culinary and gustatory adventures, including but not limited to: legumes and all sorts of dal, plus ultimate frijolemole; aubergines – the love affair goes on; places to eat in Sarf London; selected cookery books and suchlike. As soon I’ve figured out  my new camera phone, I’m going to essay Easy Macaroni Cheese ‘n’ Peas after Heston Blumenthal and I’m going to the Ludlow Food Festival for my birthday, next weekend, so I’m sure there’ll be lots to blog about in the Marches innit.

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