Secondary Symptoms

Phase one of the plandemic peaked, but many patients report persistent secondary symptoms.

Paul Garner, professor of infectious diseases at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, discussed his COVID-19 experience in a BMJ blog, on May 7, describing ‘a roller-coaster of ill health, extreme emotions and utter exhaustion’. A subsequent article in the Guardian – ”Weird as hell”: the Covid-19 patients who have symptoms for months’ – drew responses from readers, four of whom were featured in a follow-up article on June 7: “It feels endless”: four women struggling to recover.

Patients carry on suffering from what is assumed to be coronavirus while reporting a wild range of symptoms which may include, but are not limited to: a ringing in the ears, like incipient Tinnitus. Pins and needles in arms and legs. Deep weariness with sudden energy crashes, causing afternoon naps. Weird gastrointestinal issues. Headaches of various descriptions. All kinds of peculiar aches and pains all over one’s body, which are not easily explained. Welcome to my world! This has been the story of my life, with increasingly frequent episodes, more-or-less intensely felt, for the past six years.

I don’t call these strange phenomena ‘symptoms’ because nothing is wrong. For those who are actively involved with what is termed, ‘Ascension,’ these sensations are physical manifestations of change as we embody the new paradigm. As we translate light codes transmitted by the sun into our bodies, transforming them into crucibles of the new consciousness. Yeah, I don’t know what that means, either. I don’t know how many we are or what the plan is. But I do know that it is real, because I feel it, acutely, in my body every day.

For most of us, it starts with the buzzing. This is so basic, it’s practically universal. A faint ringing in the ears; a hum, or the hiss of white noise in the background, like the rush of cyberspace on dial-up internet before a connection is made. I interpet it as a call to meditation. Whether or not the call is completed depends, as ever, upon how you work with it. Are you going to turn up the music to drown it out? Are you willing to sit quietly with it, eyes closed and watch your breath? Can you focus your attention upon the tintinnabulation, or will it remain trivial back ground noise?

The first ‘Ascension’ symptom to bother me was a smouldering that spread from the base of my spine, the sacrum, into the small of my back. New Agey types talk about Kundalini Rising, but I don’t know nothing about that. Starting with intermittent tingling, it grew insistent and painful the more I tried to ignore it. I wondered if something was wrong with my kidneys and had a blood test, which showed no problems. I instinctively avoided consulting my GP, but I needed at least to have some inkling of WTF?

Eventually, I was directed to High Heart Life, where I continue to find guidance. Denise Le Fay is my favourite of the online commentators I call the ‘Ascension Aunties’. They are familiar with all the various sensations I began to feel six years ago and have continued to feel, with fluctuating intensity, on an on-going basis, ever since. During or soon after an energetically intense period, Denise will post reassuringly on her blog. Over the years, I’ve come to trust her, even if I still know not WTF.

When my esoteric journey began, 23 years ago, rational understanding was the first attachment I was required to relinquish. Now, when someone tries to tell me WTF, I assume they are bluffing. So-called ‘conspiracy theory’ is an expression of our need to know WTF. Which is not to say that there are no forces of darkness conspiring to enslave mankind, de-humanise us and feed off our fear. Denise calls the opposition, Team Dark.

While we are on the subject of not knowing WTF, stop worrying FFS. Don’t worry and have faith! Universe is way bigger than your humble 3D human incarnation; it knows WTF and all you need to do is learn to go with its flow. I’m not saying you should surrender your ego – perish the thought! – but recognise that you are not in control. That is the second attachment to be surrendered.

So now you know that you don’t know, but also that you are not in charge. Paradoxically, however, no one stands over you. You are a sovereign being. You didn’t come here to be bossed around, nor to have the secrets of the Universe spelled out by another. You have to work ’em out for yourself. Fearlessly follow your thought fox via the search engine of your choice, develop your intuition and don’t get hung up on any fixed POV.

Denise talks about decades of physical discomfort among those she calls the Forerunners. I was late to the party, following an extreme initiation, but became one of those participating in the ‘Embodiment Process.’ I know not how many of us there are, worldwide, blindly doing the bodywork of Ascension through some obscure calling. My understanding of my mission is to undergo the Process in the density of Central London. I have been provided with a nice flat and enough support from friends among my neighbours to help me see it through.

How explicit I want to be on the interwebs is another thing I don’t know – especially at a febrile time like this – but I figure that those who may benefit will see this blog post and others won’t read this far. According to Denise, the second round of the Process began in January. The plandemic is an attempt to contain it, but TD know their cause is lost. That’s why things have become so freaky, as the opposition tries desperately to assert its authority.  As lock down gave pause for reflection and reappraisal, perhaps, a bout of the virus may have initiated a profound shift in the way you relate to the world. Don’t fight it.

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