Who is Russell Cronin and what is he all about?

His web site hasn’t been updated since last Summer, with some semi-mystical shit about Long Covid. WTF?

These are questions he asks myself every day in these times of escalating – er – everything. As 2021 closes, the future hurtling toward us, everything is becoming more extreme: scarier and funnier at the same time; simultaneously tender and brutal. Brutally tender.

It’s not like Cronin has expired, aged 60, but I’ve not had much to say, lately. At least, not for public consumption. I&I do write a daily journal, not much like Daniel Defoe, but it is officially secret, not like Adrian Mole. Imagine me as Defoe-meets-Mole.

I’m keeping a low profile, but for those who seek hard facts with confirmed dates:

  • I’ve published two books, with wagamama in 1994 and a juice book in 1996 with Leslie Kenton.
  • I invented food blogging in 1999 with an online version of my old newspaper column, Gastropod.
  • I explained the influence of cannabis upon 20th Century popular music at length in Pot Culture.

OK, you might wonder, but what have you been doing for the past couple of decades? Surely not just smoking pot?

Well, not only. It’s a complicated story that involves amputation, so I may play the medicinal use card and I would if I could!

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