Automatic Chilli

Inside the space capsule. I'm evolving a series of 'automatic' recipes, in which one simply puts all the ingredients in my 1.5L pressure cooker, and this Red & Black Bean Chilli may be the best yet.   I buy black turtle and red kidney beans from FareShares, soak and cook a cupful of them together in... Continue Reading →


Served on mash & strewn with cheese: yes, please! Red kidney beans are potentially poisonous as blogger du jour, Jack Monroe, attests by way of sharing her recipe for Mumma Jack's Best Ever Chilli: 'I had a very bad experience with some dried beans once that I’d left to soak too long and they’d sprouted... Continue Reading →

Bean Pot

Early April bean pot Spring's finally sprung - hasn't it? - and it may at last be safe to emerge from my kitchen, where I've been cocooned all winter with at least one of the burners under my stove top griddle constantly on as a radiator and, constantly warming on that there griddle, my trusty... Continue Reading →

Refried brown rice & fried tofu

I soaked a cupful of pearl barley to see of it would sprout and, over a couple of days, it achieved a chewy consistency, which I though might compliment crunchy chori usli - sprouted adzuki beans - in a salad, perhaps with tamari and mirin? Having neither in store and being too tight to pay... Continue Reading →

Green chickpea curry

I love chick peas and was intrigued to discover the green variety, hara chana. I soaked & sprouted a cupful over a couple of days. Cooked 'em in a base of diced red onion & garic, sauteed with galangal & green curry paste; with a 2cm cube of creamed coconut dissolved in about 350ml water,... Continue Reading →

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