Griddled Grass

I don't wish to present myself as the kind of person who enjoys out-of-season vegetables willy nilly, with no thought for the natural order of things, but plump Peruvian asparagus was two punnets for three quid in Marks & Sparks and the first week of January is no time to be abstemious. So, I succumbed. ... Continue Reading →

Chickpea Curry with Cleriac

Jay's coming round and he's always hungry, so I cooked everything I found in the 'fridge, which happened to include some boiled chickpeas and cooked quinoa. If you're veggie & rely on pulses that need to be soaked to be digestible for your energy, it's as well to have some handy, otherwise you might end... Continue Reading →

Ottolenghi au gratin

I like Yotam Ottolenghi's style & enjoy his story.  I dig his recipes in da Grauniad.  I tried his beetroot and celeriac gratin. My assistant did the peeling and chopping, as usual. She assembled the bake, put it in the oven, and left me to it. We didn't have enough cream and Yotam's specified 'teaspoon of salt and... Continue Reading →

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