Arrivederci Jezza

In 2017, I put a tenner at 16-1 on Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister. I did not win, but it was not immediately apparent that I had lost. In 2019, a friend of mine put a tenner at 20-1 on Jezza to win an outright majority, but the exit poll accurately predicted an historic... Continue Reading →

It Was A Buzz, Cock.

“You can only be young once but you can always be immature.” (Shelley) “You’re only 16 once and tonight you are again!” (Richard Jobby Jobson)   I never did like that dreary ditty, Punk Rock Nostalgia, by Oxy & the Morons. I first heard it a decade later, in 1987, when The Face ran a... Continue Reading →

Calamity Upon the 27th Path

The image of Grenfell Tower ablaze evokes the Tarot card of The Lightning Struck Tower and its association with the 27th path of the Tree of Life, Hod - Netzach. If you are not familiar with the glyph, briefly: the Tree is an energetic map represented by ten (or eleven) spheres, each of which stands... Continue Reading →

My Left Hand

I want it back (stain = beetroot) The sixth anniversaries of my injury and the subsequent amputation of my left hand passed on the meditation mat in the Dhamma Hall at Splatt's House with a photo on the wall before me of the Mahabodhi Temple, near where it occurred in Bodh-Gaya. I got a little... Continue Reading →

Gone Fishin’

Sap's rising, Easter is in the air and I'm going meditating. I don't know what the Universal Credit rules are regarding holiday breaks where one has no internet access, but I'll inform my coach tomorrow that my relentless work search shall temporarily cease. I imagine they will suspend payment which, since UC is worth a... Continue Reading →

A Pair of Phenomenal Women

Let's delve into the recesses of my CV to celebrate two extraordinary women - both now deceased - with whom I had the privilege of being professionally associated.  Image by Celine Marchbank; Tulip documents her mother's demise. Sue Miles died back in 2010, aged 66. Not only did she have lung cancer, apparently, but also... Continue Reading →

Post Cheesynessence

Ha, ha: the last-saved draft of this blog entry began, 'hard to believe it's Eater (sic.) already, but you had better believe that, just because I haven't been blogging about it, does not mean that I have not been cooking!'  Dull pic. of nuthin' much cookin' Indeed, you must believe that many are the blog... Continue Reading →

Lashings of Gravy

I'm relaunching my food blog with a new name because someone told me that my name, 'Russell', when pronounced as if there's an 'h' instead of the second 's', sounds a bit like the Hindi for 'more gravy'. I've been through big changes over nearly two years since this blog was last active, losing my... Continue Reading →

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