Not My South Wark

#NotMySouthWark dot guv. I am much better off than most people - never mind most Universal Credit claimants - because I own a flat in Central London. The unseen assessors who administrate UC can't seem to get their heads around it. Three times, I've been asked at the Job Centre about my residential status. Why... Continue Reading →

I, Daniel Blake Too

#WeAreAllDanielBlake - "I am Spartacus and he is a mad Scotch bloke!" Asked if I've seen that Len Loach film, I quip that I am living it. Besides, I don't have spare cash for the cinema. Still, one can now watch it online for free, so I did. The film accurately portrays the workings of... Continue Reading →

Back On The Chain Gang

Following a brief spell of employment that now seems like an hallucination, I am back at Kennington Park Job Centre Plus, where all has changed. I now go up the fag stench stairs to the first floor, where we abide by the code of Universal Credit. If I obey the regulations scrupulously, on March 5th... Continue Reading →

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