Back On The Chain Gang

Following a brief spell of employment that now seems like an hallucination, I am back at Kennington Park Job Centre Plus, where all has changed. I now go up the fag stench stairs to the first floor, where we abide by the code of Universal Credit. If I obey the regulations scrupulously, on March 5th... Continue Reading →

The Times I Saw The Clash #3, 26.01.80

Bankrobbers: 16 Tons Tour @ Deeside Leisure Centre, Chester.    No longer quite so Bored With The USA, The Clash had been over there and got clobbered up with their engineer boots and retro suits.  Sartorially, the Last Gang in Town now looked the business and, as a live act, The Clash took no prisoners.  ... Continue Reading →

Prince, Guitar Hero

Prince, rated #33 in the Rolling Stone Hot 100, was a guitar hero to Eric Clapton, rated #2, behind Hendrix. Indeed, Mr Slowhand chose Purple Rain as his Castaway's Favourite on Desert Island Discs. Apocryphally, if not really asked about how it felt to be the world's greatest living guitar star, the man known to... Continue Reading →

Prince @ M.S.G. 02.08.86

I've been rumnating about Prince since his abrupt and premature departure from our consensus reality on 21.04.16 and, by the way, I retrieved and edited this review I wrote of the first (and greatest) Prince concert I attended, thirty years gone this Summer. Prince was playing two nights at Madison Square Garden for some reason.... Continue Reading →

The Times I Saw The Clash #2: 30.04.78

Rock Against Racism Carnival in Victoria Park, London. For several late teenage years a corner of my bedroom wall was adorned with the fold out programme-slash-poster from this amazing event, a free Carnival Against the Nazis featuring the cream of punk luminaries. And Patrick Fitzgerald. Pic of programme by Robbie Wilson @ Clash City Collectors... Continue Reading →

The Last Laugh Now

Photo by Tim Platt Half a dozen years ago, in 2010, I was hard up. I was complaining about being broke to a friend to whom I sold a pretentious book by your man from El Bulli, the Spanish King of Molecular Gastronomy, for twenty quid. I had it as a consequence of having worked... Continue Reading →

Bowie Top Six #5: Word On A Wing, 1976

'Religion is for people who fear hell,  spirituality is for people who have been there.' Yoo-hoo The day David Bowie's death was announced via Facebook was awful, from waking up to the news, but made more tolerable by people posting their favourite Bowie songs; the ones that meant the most to them. Mine is Word On... Continue Reading →

Bowie Top Six #3: Heroes, 1977

'Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming'   The David Bowie Archive 2012 Image/V&A Images By 1976, David Bowie, superstar, was suicidal. His nose was always dripping, as if he had a perpetual cold. His cocaine addiction was veering out of control, like a vehicle with no brakes. 28, he had not quite... Continue Reading →

Bowie Top Six #2: Fame, 1975

'I think too much has been made of this alter ego business.I mean, I actually stopped creating characters in 1975  - for albums, anyway.' Bowie did big boys' music for big girls' blouses throughout his theatrical glam rock period, when I paid scant attention. I was more into Steve Harley, Judy Teen. Retrospectively, I collected and still... Continue Reading →

Bowie Top Six #1: Starman, 1972

 'Style is about the choices you make to create the aspects of civilization that you wish to uphold.'    'David Bowie' remains in Bardo for 49 days from his departure on January 10th, i.e.: another six nights. He is more present now in our consciousness than before his ostensible death, since when everyone else has... Continue Reading →

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