Bowie Top Six #5: Word On A Wing, 1976

'Religion is for people who fear hell,  spirituality is for people who have been there.' Yoo-hoo The day David Bowie's death was announced via Facebook was awful, from waking up to the news, but made more tolerable by people posting their favourite Bowie songs; the ones that meant the most to them. Mine is Word On... Continue Reading →

Bowie Top Six #3: Heroes, 1977

'Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming'   The David Bowie Archive 2012 Image/V&A Images By 1976, David Bowie, superstar, was suicidal. His nose was always dripping, as if he had a perpetual cold. His cocaine addiction was veering out of control, like a vehicle with no brakes. 28, he had not quite... Continue Reading →

Bowie Top Six #2: Fame, 1975

'I think too much has been made of this alter ego business.I mean, I actually stopped creating characters in 1975  - for albums, anyway.' Bowie did big boys' music for big girls' blouses throughout his theatrical glam rock period, when I paid scant attention. I was more into Steve Harley, Judy Teen. Retrospectively, I collected and still... Continue Reading →

Bowie Top Six #1: Starman, 1972

 'Style is about the choices you make to create the aspects of civilization that you wish to uphold.'    'David Bowie' remains in Bardo for 49 days from his departure on January 10th, i.e.: another six nights. He is more present now in our consciousness than before his ostensible death, since when everyone else has... Continue Reading →

Lunch at Grain Store

I hadn't seen Hari since I had both hands, but we became re-acquainted via Facebook, where he posts prolifically about Eighties pop - Kate, Siouxsie, Madge - and his indestructible dog, Delius, a beautiful blue whippet. Since Hari is a purely north London phenomenon and I am strictly Sarf, I suggested that we meet on... Continue Reading →

The Case for Cannabis

I wrote to my MP: Dear Neil Coyle, I write as your constituent regarding today's Parliamentary debate in Westminster Hall, led by your colleague Paul Flynn MP,  'That this House has considered the e-petition relating to making the production, sale and use of cannabis legal.' As a new Labour MP and in the wake of your party's... Continue Reading →

My Vipassana Initiation

My psychotherapy could not truly begin before my mother had finally died. I had contacted the Therapist more than two years previously, after going back home with a mission: to persuade our mother to down-size from her rambling farmhouse in the countryside into a more manageable bungalow in town, closer to the Social Services. But... Continue Reading →

Post Cheesynessence

Ha, ha: the last-saved draft of this blog entry began, 'hard to believe it's Eater (sic.) already, but you had better believe that, just because I haven't been blogging about it, does not mean that I have not been cooking!'  Dull pic. of nuthin' much cookin' Indeed, you must believe that many are the blog... Continue Reading →

Oh no, not BBQ!

Za'atar vs. achar And so another BBQ season sizzles to its climax with the annual Nothing Hill Grates jerk chicken championship, held over the August bank holiday w/e. I & I, naturally, does not do ckicken, nor jerked 'n' charred flesh of any kind. For me, Carnival can only be about booming bass bins, contact... Continue Reading →

Automatic Green Chickpea Curry

These 'automatic' recipes are becoming facile & predictable: soak the peas overnight, then bung 'em in a pressure cooker with green curry paste & coconut milk. Cook! Going vegan for Lent, I totally got into using coconut oil instead of butter. Actually, it has been a revelation & I don't know why I didn't get... Continue Reading →

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