Cauli_Cheese: Slight Reprise

Heston's cheese sauce was the culinary revelation of 2012. The gastronomic Dangermouse made béchamel obsolete by mixing cornflour with finely grated cheese, rather than add it into the liquid to thicken the sauce. Oh, and the liquid isn't milk, which compromises the sauce's cheesiness, but bouillon, which perks it up!  Cauli w/Red Liecester cheese &... Continue Reading →

Regal Borscht

I have at last joined FareShares, which is going through a transitional phase, you might say. In order to facilitate more relaxed and happy communications at its meetings on the 15th of each month, I suggested that we hold these meetings up the street, at 184 Crampton Street, aka the Pullens Centre and serve food.... Continue Reading →

Automatic Chilli

Inside the space capsule. I'm evolving a series of 'automatic' recipes, in which one simply puts all the ingredients in my 1.5L pressure cooker, and this Red & Black Bean Chilli may be the best yet.   I buy black turtle and red kidney beans from FareShares, soak and cook a cupful of them together in... Continue Reading →

Griddled Grass

I don't wish to present myself as the kind of person who enjoys out-of-season vegetables willy nilly, with no thought for the natural order of things, but plump Peruvian asparagus was two punnets for three quid in Marks & Sparks and the first week of January is no time to be abstemious. So, I succumbed. ... Continue Reading →


Served on mash & strewn with cheese: yes, please! Red kidney beans are potentially poisonous as blogger du jour, Jack Monroe, attests by way of sharing her recipe for Mumma Jack's Best Ever Chilli: 'I had a very bad experience with some dried beans once that I’d left to soak too long and they’d sprouted... Continue Reading →

Mamuśka: Smacznego!

Round my way - London's Elephant & Castle - as the nights draw in, the changing of the seasons is marked by Mamuśka's switch to the Winter menu, which is the season when her meaty meals at £6 per plate make most sense. So far as vegetarians are concerned, it mostly means the buraczki -... Continue Reading →

Mashy Aduki-ooky Pie

The most popular blog post ever on More Gravy is the one about Vegan Cottage Pie which I would have you know has been accessed by more than a thousand Russians. I don't know why they come because their source is Cyrillic, but I think the foxy doctor image is trying to convey a health... Continue Reading →

Kastoori Puris

Manoj Thanki's legendary flavour bombs shall henceforth be known as 'Kastooris'. I have been noshtalgic lately for Kastoori, SW17's legendary Indian vegetarian restaurant, run by the Thanki family. According to Manoj Thanki, 'from 13th February 1987 up until 23rd November 2010, Kastoori was my life and breath,' but then his lease expired. Loyal customers were... Continue Reading →

Daily Dal Too: My Makhani

  I've made Dal Makhani since the days of Pullens Soup Kitchen but my current Makhani recipe - an actual recipe, derived from KO Rassoi with reference to Manjula - is designed to fit my  baby-sized 1.5 litre Hawkins Classic aluminium pressure cooker and serves 2. Or me, twice. As with all dal, it's even better the... Continue Reading →

The Camberwell Falafel Sadwich (sic)

Scene of the sadwich (sic) I am glad to return to a routine of swimming regularly at the refurbished Camberwell Pool in Artichoke Place, which means that I have thoroughly renewed my acquaintance with sarf London's premier falafel purveyor, 'Falafel', the pertinently-named Lebanese fast food counter at 27 Camberwell Church Street. Words can barely express... Continue Reading →

Daily Dal 101 – Toorism

Oily Toor dal - a.k.a. yellow pigeon peas (not yellow split peas) - is the pulse used in South India to make soupy sambar. Sia@MoonSpice tells a romanticised version of the tale of Udupi Sambar, declaring, 'for a foodie like me, Udupi is paradise.'    pau bhaji, sorta I have been there - it's an... Continue Reading →

Chipotle Away!

tear the lid off the sucka! You've seen that episode of South Park, right? The one where Billy Mays endorses Chipotle Away, a product that changed Eric Cartman's life, enabling him to carry on scoffing his favourite fast food without worrying about the cost of replacement underpants??  A 'chip-oat-lay' is a smoked Jalepeno chile pepper,... Continue Reading →

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